Quilt Project

Our projects encourage women and their communities to use art as a means of expression and social activism. We work with women of all socioeconomic backgrounds, sharing information while conveying the idea that by working together we can make a difference. 

As visual artists, artisans, curators, teachers and writers, we are interested in using art as a medium for dialogue between local cultures and communities that have all been affected by globalized phenomenons like the current economic crisis, ecological disasters that now threaten the future of our planet, and the mass industrialization of our food supplies which have further removed us from the land of our ancestors. Through a series of workshops focused on women's creative and cultural expression, MAMAZ Collective brings to the forefront localized problems of global proportions. Therefore together with the women and communities we work with, we think of ways to combat and challenge these problems starting from our very own communities. 

The artwork that participating women create has the power to enlighten and inspire us all and contribute to an ongoing dialogue for change. These collaborations also create strong bonds between participants that can help empower women and collaboratively create openings for dialogue and exchange between groups within the participating community as well as MAMAZ.

We are currently working one on one with women in the village of Tanivet where we have been fortunate enough to have guest instructors teach quilting and patchwork skills. Here are a few photos form that on-going project.


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