Friday, May 21, 2010

Quilt Workshop

May 29th from 9 to 2pm,
San Agustin, Etla, Oaxaca.
 Phone 521 3093

When women share thread and thought, great things happen. For centuries, women have united to sew quilts and talk about the issues of the day.  The slow rhythm of the stitching relaxes the body and frees the mind to reflect.  In this workshop, we will reflect upon the importance of corn in our lives.  Corn has played an important role in the history of our nutrition, culture and tradition.  Each participant will transfer her personal interpretation of the subject onto cloth.

No sewing experience is required.  We will discuss the basic techniques needed to create one square of a collaborative quilt.  The concept of the square is the most important aspect.

 We ask all participants to bring scissors and a sewing needle.  We also ask people to bring as much as the can of the following materials:

-any and all scrap fabrics (preferably with bright colors and natural fibers.  Used clothing is fine too).
-embroidery thread, buttons, lace and any other kind of notion you have on hand.
-a dish of your choice to share with the group.

To get an idea of numbers, we ask you to confirm your attendance in an email to

Noel Chilton, Mary Jo Vath, and Mariana Gullco
 Mujeres Artistas y el Maíz