Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Succesful day for MAMAZ

support team
As part of the fundraising activities aimed at maintaining and developing the collective, we celebrated December 5th with an elaborate corn-themed meal. The objective was to raise funds in order to establish the collective as a not-for-profit organization.

Renowned chefs Susana Trilling (who created the menu), Reyna Mendoza, Teresa Garcia, y Pilar Cabrera (from La Olla Restaurant) collaborated on this occasion and generously donated not only their talent, but also their ingredients. The incredible meal consisted of corn fungus empanadas, fresh corn tamales with poblano sauce, cornbread, corn pudding with passion fruit mezcal and corn ice cream among many other dishes. Needless to say, the lunch turned into a unique culinary experience with regional flavors interpreted by these ingenious chefs.

Martha Toledo 
The event took place at the Casa Colonial Bed and Breakfast thanks to the unwavering support from Jane Sax and Amado who also conceived the idea. More than 70 people attended the event, providing the money necessary for covering the next stage of the MAMAZ Collective—our principal objective for 2010 of achieving non-profit status.

A special thanks goes out to Roberta Neiman, Lynn O’Hare, Noel Chilton, Lauren Beam, Luisa Restrepo, Nadja Massun, Mari Olguin, Edith Morales, Marisela Flores, and Aurora Cabrera without whom the event wouldn’t have been the same. Thanks for your support and time! Martha Toledo, with her beautiful voice closed the event with a selection of unforgettable songs from the Isthmus region.

We also extend our gratitude to Hotel Bugambilias, la Olla Restaurant, and Amate Books.

Marietta Bernstorff