Tuesday, October 13, 2009

PAR A PAR, Mexico City 2008

November 2008 / Manuel Felguérez / Multimedia Centre CNA / México City

Ana Gómez, 2008

The Par-A-Par Festival took place in Mexico City in November 2008 with the objective of promoting exchanges between artists, scientists and activists. In other words, it strove to create a creative dialogue and a set of agreements based on the analysis and production of projects with real applications in social spheres.

During seven days, people from different backgrounds and experience levels came together to germinate projects that contemplated the creative use of technology to create public spaces for critical discussion.

Emilia Sandoval, 2008

The MAMAZ collective has a peaceful resistance project focused on promoting social critique in order to raise consciousness about the problems that corn and food in general face today. This project fit with the objective of the festival and so, we participated with our El MAIZ ES NUESTRA VIDA/ CORN IS OUR LIFE exhibition.

Sara Corestein, 2008

The MAMAZ collective expresses its freedom of speech in the art field. We consider active participation a necessity. Thus, we have gathered women—artists, craftswomen, and creative people in general—interested in speaking about the theme of nutrition and corn through their own form of action. Ten of the collective’s artists, using different media, spoke of the history, the myth, the nutritional importance, the modification of genetics, and the rising price of corn.

In conjunction with the show, discussions were held about the use of accessible resources to spread the news about the project.

Lucero González, 2008

Gabriela Sánchez, 2008

Ira Bernstorff, 2008

Salime harp, 2008

Participants: Emilia Sandoval, Lucero González, Ira Bernstorff, Ana Gómez, Sara Corestein, Salime Harp, Minerva Hernández, Gabriela Sánchez, Christa Klinckwort y P. Castellanos.